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3 Pillars of Patient Centricity

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How IntegraMed Fertility Systematically Improves Patient Experience

IntegraMed Fertility, the largest fertility network in North America, partnered with Medallia to systematically improve patient experience using these 3 pillars of patient-centricity: act on feedback closer to patient contact, enable consistent action, and allow the voice of the patient to drive strategy and innovation.

IntegraMed's patient-centric model has been exceedingly successful at aligning the organization around CX, with 43% of all IntegraMed employees logging into Medallia daily to consume and take action on patient feedback. This increased engagement has undoubtedly contributed to the successes they've seen:

  • Likelihood to recommend based on overall appointment experience increased by 10%
  • 18% decrease in the average time to close an alert
  • Overall NPS increased by 7 points

Tune in to this webinar for tips implementing these pillars in your organization.


  • Steve Ruvolo Senior Product Manager, Clinical Applications at IntegraMed Fertility
  • Kelsey Hussey, RN, MSN,  & Medallia Healthcare Solution Consultant
  • Belinda Simmons, Healthcare Practice Lead at Medallia

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