Medallia Webinar: The Importance of Digital CX

The Importance of Digital CX

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Does your website analytics give you a complete picture of what your customers are thinking when they visit your website?

Analytics tools are a great way to aggregate quantitative data about everything you’re observing your customers do on your website. But wouldn’t you like to hear what they have to tell you themselves? By integrating your analytics platform with an effective customer experience management system, you’ll give your web and marketing team access to the Voice of the Customer and allow them act on the feedback customers provide. It complements the quantitative data of web analytics by providing the “why” to the “what” and “when”.

Medallia works with many analytics tools, and we recently announced our accreditation as a Google Analytics Technology Partner.

Join Medallia and webalytics, one of Google’s Premier Analytics Partners on 12 September for a webinar exploring how analytics and CEM tie together. The agenda includes insights from Holger Tempel, CEO of webalytics on the benefits he is able to deliver to his customers through analytics and voice of customer data.

In the session, we will cover:

  • Diagnosing metrics such as bounce rate and poor conversion rates
  • Why customers interact with your website the way the do
  • Determining NPS for your website, mobile and in-app experiences
  • Delivering analytics and VoC insights beyond your web and marketing team to make strategic business changes enhancing your customer experience

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Holger Tempel

Holger Tempel is founder of the German company webalytics GmbH. He acts as a consultant and trainer since 1991 in the business fields of IT and web analytics. In 2005 he became one of the first 14 Google Partners worldwide and therefore is one of leading knowledge carriers for Google Analytics and digital analytics in general. He also cares about gathering deep insights on website's user behavior and their motivation. That's why he decided to use Medallia Digital and started the partnership with Medallia as the first partner worldwide.

Rachel Lane
Digital Solutions Principal

Rachel is a Solutions Principal at Medallia, specializing in Digital Transformation Strategic Consulting, Customer Experience Management Strategic Consulting and Customer Retention and Sales Improvement. For the last 10 years has worked on large scale omnichannel CX programs across major banks, telco’s and financial services, helping companies evolve their CX strategies across the organization in order to achieve success.