Western Union’s World-Class Customer Experience – Combining OCEM & Powerful Digital VoC
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When: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST
Presenters: Rachel Gelman, Senior Manager, Customer and Agent Insights at Western Union and Ori Soen, General Manager of Medallia Digital

How can you consistently strive to improve customer experience across multiple properties? And maintain the same level of satisfaction across different cultures and millions of users?

In this exclusive webinar, Rachel will share her experience of singlehandedly managing an omnichannel CX management technology to improve conversion rates, reduce calls to customer care and gain a better understanding of the distinct customer behavior in different countries.

You will learn how to successfully plan an Enterprise-grade Digital Voice of Customer program, following Medallia’s best practices. Find out how to fill the gaps left by analytics to receive a truly 360° view of your customers’ feedback throughout their online journey.

Register now for the webinar to hear Western Union and Medallia reveal:
  • Industry insights on how to collect and benchmark customer feedback on a global scale
  • Tips on localization of your CX programs across multiple platforms and domains
  • How to augment feedback from your Digital VoC program into your OCEM dashboard and reporting
  • The importance of creating a global customer-centric culture and embracing organizational change to better meet the needs of customers