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Medallia, the world’s #1 customer experience platform, enables the world’s most iconic brands to capture billions of customer signals, apply best-in-class AI to make prioritized action recommendations, and empower teams to deliver bespoke experiences at the scale that delivers lasting loyalty and vocal advocates.

Did you know that 52% of consumers have had a negative experience in the past year that they feel could have been improved if they had the opportunity to give real-time feedback, where the company could have taken immediate action?

The most successful Customer Experience programs share these common success factors:

  Collection of direct and indirect customer feedback signals from all engagement channels
The interpretation of these signals, in real-time and at scale, allowing sentiment, intent and urgent issues to be understood, prioritized, and acted upon
Empowerment of customer facing teams to take the actions in live-time that solve customer experience issues and build lasting loyalty

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, and learn why collecting customer signals in live-time across all interaction points, interpreting it at scale, and empowering employees to manage experiences is crucial for increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and value.


The world’s leading brands trust Medallia

See how customers improve & drive impact

“Since partnering with Medallia...we’ve driven $2 billion in additional payment volume.”

“Net Promoter Score is up, retention is up… and that’s about $500 million annually in revenue.”

“Medallia is a primary listening platform for our customers and our central nervous system.”

“All of our staff uses the Medallia system. It’s integral to our continued success.”

“Medallia has opened up a world of real time and continuous customer feedback.”

“Medallia is hardwired into our company, providing visibility into thousands of daily interactions.”

“The payback on our investment in Medallia was realized within one month.”

More for your business, so you can do more for your customers


Drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey. Capture and analyze signals, predict behavior, and create experiences that keep customers wanting more.


Build trust with every account stakeholder, create life-long relationships, and understand account health at all stages.

Employee Experience

Create a culture of empowerment, innovation and creativity. Listen, act, and transform employee productivity and satisfaction.

Product Experience

Develop products customers love. Understand usage, collect in-product feedback, and test concepts to build products that meet and exceed customer needs.

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