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The 4 Pillars of CX Excellence for Banking

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How to build a winning CX program for your bank

Following the 2008 credit crisis, it’s harder than ever to gain customer trust and loyalty. And thanks to digitalization, it means that banks have more variables to think about when it comes to creating a great customer experience.

But investing in your customers’ satisfaction pays off. In fact, 40% of consumers will actually tell their friends and family when they have a positive experience with their bank. And 18% will actually use the bank more.

Discover how to build a successful B2B CX program by:

  • Focusing on customer journeys, not just on selling products
  • Combining data from different sources and prioritizing for different levels
  • Improving insights from data and customer feedback to drive action
  • Connecting your whole company to the customer

Download this free white paper to learn how your organization can launch a powerful CX program, and regain your customers’ loyalty.

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“Medallia is a primary listening platform for our customers and our central nervous system.”

“All of our staff uses the Medallia system. It’s integral to our continued success.”

“Medallia has opened up a world of real time and continuous customer feedback.”

“Medallia is hardwired into our company, providing visibility into thousands of daily interactions.”

“The payback on our investment in Medallia was realized within one month.”

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