Citizen Experience for Government

The focus in government today is straightforward. Simplify the lives of citizens and—with the passing of the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act—update government agencies in ways only seen in the private sector. But what does this mean for your agency? What does a citizen-centric agency look like?

Shift your thinking—consider each person who interacts with your agency a customer. How does that change your exchange? What does Customer Experience (CX) mean for the Federal Government? Why is it so important?

The Medallia CX Immersion Summit brought together key executives from both the public and private sectors to answer these very questions. CX leaders from some of the foremost brands shared their stories and tactics for providing the best, most efficient customer interactions.

Check out their presentations here and begin to identify and harness customer experience strategies that your agency can leverage in order to deliver a better Citizen Experience.
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