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Winning in the Marketplace Starts with Winning in the Workplace

Many companies that crush it on customer experience also appear at the top of "great places to work" lists. It’s no coincidence. Designing organizations to serve people – employees and customers – creates a virtuous cycle that’s great for both. To win the battle for customers, firms need to treat employees as valuable assets, engage them in a higher purpose, optimize their experience and enable them with digital tools to serve customers better.

Watch Brian Andrews, Sr. CX Principal at Medallia, Paul Hagen, Head of CX Strategy & Innovation at West Monroe Partners, and Erik Otteson, Director of People Technology & Analytics at Medallia for a webinar on The Journey of the Employee Experience.

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Key takeaways will include:

  • The CX impact tapping into the most important asset: employees

  • Why engaging and empowering employees with real-time, relevant VOE drives better business performance

  • The common pitfalls companies encounter and how to avoid them

  • Best practices for getting started and advancing employee engagement




Brian Andrews
Sr. CX Principal, Medallia


Paul Hagen
Head of CX Strategy & Innovation, West Monroe Partners


Erik Otteson
Director of People Technology & Analytics, Medallia

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