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Medallia Quickstart Solutions for State/Local Government and Education can help reimagine customer and employee experience through feedback capabilities including video feedback and AI-powered text analytics that deliver rich and powerful insights to drive intelligent action. These solutions may be eligible for funding available through Coronavirus support funds.

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Medallia's Quickstart Solutions for State/Local Government and Education include

  • Public Safety and Services - engage the community to better understand needs and expectations to closely align with first responder departments and their efforts (e.g., police, fire)

  • K-12 Education - Quickly understand what parents, students, and faculty need, along with the learnings of remote education, to guide the future of schooling (K-12)

  • Higher Education - Higher Education institutions offer an array of signals to capture to better understand how we return to campus, virtually and physically, in live-time

  • Department of Motor Vehicles - Accelerate your ability to improve efficiency, create contactless experiences, and transform the delivery of driver’s services to reduce wait times and increase resident's trus

  • Workplace Solutions - Establish and maintain a constant pulse of live-time insights to understand how the workplace continues to evolve, with AI-defined actions to continually improve remote and physical work

  • Veterans Experience - Understand how best to improve the experience of the care, benefits, and services for your Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors.

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